Reliance Jio to withdraw Summer Surprise offer after Trai’s order

Reliance Jio to withdraw Summer Surprise offer after Trai’s order

By this Summer Surprise offer, all Reliance Jio Prime members who makes  their first recharge payment of Rs 303 (or higher) plans will get three months complimentary services in addition to the benefits of their purchased plan.

Reliance Jio Info-comm Ltd announced their withdrawal of its “summer surprise” offer of free services in April-June, heeding a directive from the telecom regulator.

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Order By TRAI:

“Today, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has asked Jio to withdraw the three months’ complimentary benefits of Jio Summer Surprise,” .“Jio accepts this decision and it is in the process of fully complying with the regulator’s advice, and will be withdrawing the three months’ complimentary benefits of Jio Summer Surprise as soon as operationally possible, over the next few days.”

All customers who have subscribed to the offer prior to its discontinuation will remain eligible for the offer, added Jio, which recently extended the deadline for its Jio Prime membership and other plans till 15 April.

Telecom firms have protested against the freebies offered by Jio since its launch in September, when it made voice calls free for a lifetime; it also offered free data until the year-end, later extending it to 31 March.

Reliance Jio today announced that it has “fully withdrawn” the Jio Summer Surprise Offer after the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai)’s advice to withdraw the scheme

Before Trai’s recommendation, the Summer Surprise offer was supposed to end on April 15.

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About Jio:

 1- Free SMS and voice calls: Unlimited free texts and voice calls are the highlighted reasons for the people who is going crazy behind this new network. Actually by the  the rules laid by TRAI, you can send only 100 SMS.

2- Free Roaming Services Nation Wide: The Jio network provides free national roaming services. This was  the first time any service is offering a free roaming system in the country. Earlier, the huge roaming charges was a huge obstacle for almost everyone. This was eased by the Jio Netwrok.

3- The free Wifi data network: Apart from the 4G network that Jio is offering, it also have the WiFi data system. By this, you can use free Wifi data from specified Wifi hotspots across the country by Reliance.

4- Voice over LTE calls: Since the customers pay only for data in Jio, the voice calls are also made available by the feature called Voice over LTE. This feature is comparatively new in the country but promises excellent clarity in the audio. This service can be availed ONLY if your phone supports VoLTE. The normal 4G LTE phones doesn’t support this. And added to this, the data should be switched on all the time to receive or make voice calls.

5- LTE Network: The Jio network offers only LTE network. Because of this, the user doesn’t have to worry about the network dropping to 2G or 3G. So unlike the other services, which switches down to 2G or 3G when there is no network, the Jio network cleanly over steps them all




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