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Dora Movie – A Gallattamachi Review

The film kadugu is reviewed by the gallattamachi review team.

Tamil Lady super Star Nayanthara’s horror Thriller Movie has been released Today.

The Name Dora Has been derived from a Vintage Austin Cambridge Car which is called as “Dora”.

The Movie Is directed by Doss Ramaswamy a brilliant director, Produced by Sarkunam under Sarkunam Cinemas, Cinematography Dinesh Krishnan and the Editor of this movie is Gopi Krishna.

The movie got good Positive response from the audience side.This might  be a good come back for Nayan, says one of his fan. Another shocking and breaking news, before the movie release is that, horror thriller movie got ‘A’ certificate from the Central Board of Film Certification.This ‘A’ Certificate makes the Fans to get more excited to watch.

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Movie Review and StoryLine:

In This Movie Nayanthara plays role of Pavalakkodi and Thambi Ramaiah as Taxi Driver, Nayan’s father.

Apart from tamilnadu, this movie was released on many other states like Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in good number of screens. In Kerala Dora was released around 70 screens.

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Background of the story is, Pavalakodi (Nayanthara), an innocent girl who lives with her father(Thambi Ramaiah), decides to start a call taxi business. This car is possessed by a stubborn spirit and Nayanthara’s Attitude changes after she bought a car which is possessed by a sprit, and she becomes a rebel when she gets control of this car.But while Buying the car Pavalakodi’s father (Thambi Ramaiah) has not interested to buy the car which was chosen by Pavalakodi. And from here the story starts with much curiosity.

First Half :

Almost First Half of the movie is mostly filled by both of the father and daughter Conversations.But most of the time Nayanthara and Thambi Ramaiah combination was not worked out that much in this movie which made the  audience little bored too.


Second Half:

Second Half of the Movie is some what interesting than the first half, even though it is predictable and some portions of the movie is bit interesting. Here the full movie is based on the car which is possessed by the spirit.Almost the scenes in the car has drawn the attention of the audience.

Owing to the expectations of the nayanthara’s fans, she has proved her by performing this lead role.She has filled the space of main male lead as well, through her brilliant acting.

Here, comes a question, why is there a need to provide “A”certificate from the Central Board of Film Certification?


Songs :

Enga Pora Dora and Ra Ra songs from this movie has raised the expectation of the movie before the release.

These songs make a bit essence for the movie. BGM has came out nicely.

Movie Plus Points:

  • Car Scenes
  • Nayan’s Stunning Performance
  • BGM
  • Story Coverage

Movie Negative Points:

  • This is the chance missed by the director and not by nayanthara.
  • “A”certificate from the Central Board of Film Certification

Movie Rating:2.75/5

Movie Verdict:

A good thriller movie, made possible by nayanthara. Worth for entertainment and money. Do watch the movie in theaters.

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