Kadugu Movie – A Gallattamachi Review

Kadugu Movie:

Kadugu Movie – A Gallattamachi Review

The film kadugu is reviewed by the gallattamachi review team.

Popular Cinematographer turned director Vijay Milton’s latest directorial film ‘Kadugu’ released on Friday, March 25th. It is Tamil drama, written, directed and co-produced by Vijay Milton along with Bharath Seeni under the banner, Rough Note. Actor Suriya is presenting the film under the banner 2D Entertainment.

The film features Bharath, Rajakumaran, Bharath Seeni, Subiksha, Radhika Prasidhha and Flower A. Manoharan in lead roles.  The film has music by SN Arunagiri and Anoop Seelin. Vijay Milton himself has taken responsibility of the cinematography department, while JR John Abraham has edited the flick. Recently, ‘Kadugu’ has Censor Certification process and got a clean U certificate. The running length of the film is 115 minutes.  Read on Kadugu Movie Review & Story Plot.

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Movie Review and Story Line:

The film begins with the righteous yet innocent Puli Vesham artist ‘Puli’ Pandi (Rajakumaran), who feels happy when he helps people around him. He is a born do-gooder and doesn’t expect anybody to reciprocate to his goodness. In one of his Puli Vesham programs, a problem breaks out during which he befriends the area inspector (Venkatesh) and helps him in day-to-day errands. As the inspector gets transferred to a small coastal town Tharangambadi, Puli also accompanies him.

Pandi gets another friend Anirudh (Bharath Seeni), who also a helper in the new police station. People in Tharangambadi have great respect for boxer Nambi (Bharath), the young political leader in the town. When a state minister visits the place, at a function organised by Nambi, he tries to molest a young girl. Nambi who has political ambitions brushes aside the issue and plays it down. However Puli Paandi and a school teacher Ebby (Radhika Prasidhha) bravely fight for her.

Unfortunately, the devastated little girl, who used to consider Nambi as her role model commits suicide. Now it’s up to Paandi to stress the grievous crime of Nambi and gets the justice for the little girl.

The other two interesting characters are Radhika Prasidhha, the teacher who faced similar appalling incident as the little girl in her childhood and Bharath Seeni, who struggles to convey his love and gives her space to the girl.

The scene where the old woman, who always compels Bharath to eat, falls down after knowing the wicked side of her grandson, saying that all these days, the food she made has only gone waste is nothing but a solid example of smart writing!


Though Kadugu will definitely connect well with the audiences, we wish director Vijay Milton had been a little more subtle . For instance, Rajakumaran’s dialogues in the second half sounds over the top and had the director underplayed such sequences, the film would have been much better. Also, the film has lip-sync issues in many scenes and the ‘Facebook’ comedy sequences too appears little odd considering the realistic treatment.

Director Vijay Milton is back to what he is good at; handling emotions of a common man in the most realistic way. His solid writing has been the main strength of the film, and the way it has been handled is neat. More crispiness and less melodramatic or no melodramatic screenplay would have helped the film much better.

Movie Plus Points:

  • strong social message
  • direction
  • casting
  • last 15 minutes of the film
  • audience connect


Movie Negative Points:

  • Initial part of film not engaging so well

Movie Rating:3.25/5

Movie Verdict:

It is a film that stays in your thoughts after watching the film.Like his earlier smash hit Goli Soda, Vijay Milton delivers another small film which has the potential to turn big. He touches the right chord and also succeeds in engaging the audience for the large part.Must watch this film in Theaters.



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