Kattappava Kanom Movie – Let’s go for a gallatta review

Kattappava Kanom Movie:

Kattappava Kanom is a film which stars Sibiraj in the lead role. This friday, the war between the Tamil movies comes face to face with big movies coming together. All the movies are looking for the screen space in the theaters. Even Sibiraj is trying to test his luck with his new movie which is a comedy oriented one on a critical day. Here is the Kattappava Kanom movie Review.

Kattappava Kanom Tamil comedy film written and directed by Mani Seiyon, starring Sibiraj and Aishwarya Rajesh in the leading roles. The movie is produced by WindChimes Media Entertainments. The music for the film is composed by  Santhosh Dhayanidhi. The project developed under the title Thanni Raja, with Kaali Venkat, Mime Gopi and Livingston announced as cast members in March 2016. Film director Nalan Kumarasamy also later joined the cast to portray a veterinary doctor, who attends to a fish.

Story Line:

The movie rotates around a three people Sibiraj as Pandian, Aishwarya Rajesh as Meenu and Chandini Tamilarasan. The people who will see the fish in their Aquarium is missing and they ask the veterinarian about the fish. The movie is based on a fish. It kept for Vasthu purpose. Here the fish is named as Kattappa. The fish goes missing and the main plot revolves around it.The fish was owned by Minjur Vanjaram(Meme Gopi).He believed that all the good thing happened to him is all  because of that fish.The fish was stolen and landed in sibi and aishwarya house and the remaining story goes around that.

Movie Review:

It’s slightly disappointing that the film doesn’t capitalize on an extremely fun, double ententes-filled second half. After a sporadically fun-filled first half, as a viewer you’re taken by surprise by the course the second half takes and the adult humor leaves you in splits.

If only the writing was as fun as it was in the last half hour of the film, we would have had a thoroughly entertaining film till the last minute. But still there’s so much to like about Kattappava Kanom, and Kaali Venkat and Yogi Babu are so good, they warrant a trip to the theaters.

Kattappava Kanom also works because it treats its actors as characters. The hero takes a good beating; he doesn’t fight back and instead thinks how to get out of a situation.

The heroine meets the hero for the first time in a pub. She doesn’t think twice about breaking up a prospective alliance. She’s independent and likes to live life on her own terms.

However, the issue with most characters is that we don’t quite empathize with them at any point. Mime Gopi, for instance, plays the antagonist and the story revolves around his missing Feng Sui fish, but we don’t understand its importance in his life. All we see him do is scream and sulk when his fish goes missing. A small back-story about why the fish means so much to him would have made sense.

Movie Plus Points:

  • comedy and word playing
  • casting
  • direction

Movie negative Points:

  • does not have enough twists
  • normal story line

Movie rating: 2.5/5

Movie verdict:

The Movie is a good entertainer but  writing  isn’t tight enough. The pace of the narrative is lethargic, almost testing one’s patience. If not for the well interspersed comedy at regular intervals, it would have been a tiresome watch.

It has  excellent comedy scenes and a unique premise It is good to watch for comedy.A one time watch movie if you want to spend your leisure time.



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