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Vivegam movie has been reviewed by gallattamachi team .

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Movie story

Vivegam is an international spy thriller in which Ajith plays an army man. He and his gang of friends that include Akshara Haasan are on a secret mission in Europe, in which they fights against corruption. He goes several trials and tribulations but doesn’t give up. Kajal Aggarwal plays Ajith’s wife in the flick whose name is Yazhini.

The movie opens with an outstanding action sequence in Serbian Forest! Knowing the High profile attack in Serbia, India’s Counter terrorism squad suspects it is their own AK’s mission. Flashback open about AK ( Ajith ). However, the story takes a twist when the hero is forced to fight alone to protect his motherland. The challenges he faces and how he accomplishes his goal form the crux of the story.

Movie review 

The first thing to mention is director thinks that if ajith do audience will accept anything . The opening scene for ajith itself speaks . It’s too much . If the team reduced the unnecessary cg effects the film would be more engaging to the neutral fans. Other than this the first half moves fast with full power packed action .

Akshara hassan part is too good . That is the thing that gives life to the film. The director try to play with emotions here and  it works very well in lot of places but it’s too distracting  in some fast moving places especially in climax sequences .

The dialogues are superb if we watch that separately but as a film the dialogue mismatch in lot of places . The team go with full mass scenes for ajith . They created over hype . It’s ok for ajith fans but it is very distracting  for movie lovers .

Overall if they try to reduce the mass moments and take the story as it is with mass moments what the character demanding alone  it would be a nice one .

The villan role done by Vivek oberai is quiet convincing . The scenes and mind games played between ajith and Vivek oberai are directed well and it’s more engaging .

Lot of scenes are especially made for ajith . The team  may reduce that parts . After a long two years ajith in silver screen but came  up with a disappointing one . It could be done  better .

Positive points 

  1. Ajith screen presence .
  2. Emotional and friendship dialogues .
  3. Visual works .
  4. Fight sequences (excluding opening scene )

Negative point 

  1. Over mass factor
  2. Fan moments
  3. Comedy sequence doesn’t worked out well

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Verdict :

A full mass overloaded movie but failed to engage audience specifically In second half. The name Ajith carried over this movie completely . Strictly for ajith fans . 



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