The girls team enters the house only to find that all the hell has broken loose! and the battle for space begins…

Mime Gopi is an Indian stage and film actor, who has appeared in Tamil language films. He has appeared in films including Madras(2014) and Kathakali (2016).


Prior to his entrance into the film industry, Mime Gopi was a renowned mime actor in Chennai and headed G Mime Studio, a studio which exhibited the art form. In his role, he worked closely with children with special needs to help them adapt miming skills.He had set up the studio in 1994 and had worked to expand the art across Chennai.

Mime Gopi made a breakthrough as a film actor after appearing as the local rogue, Perumal in Madras (2014). He has since appeared as the antagonist in films such as Maari(2015) and Kathakali (2016).


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