Neeya Naana Divya Teacher Opens About Her life – Full Bio Data is here

Neeya Naana Divya Teacher Opens About Her life – Full Bio Data is here

Nowadays our social network has turn towards memes. Every meme creator have become even more enthusiastic to create memes for our NEEYA NANNA Dhivya Teacher. Neeya Naana Divya Teacher Opens About Her life – Full Bio Data is here.

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A ordinary teacher have become an extraordinary Teacher through this show. Even though she didn’t spoke for 5 minutes,why everybody’s attention was towards our Dhivya. It’s all about beauty or What?.

This was a big surprise to herself. Owing to surprise she reveals that, “ I wasn’t that much good in studies and also a bench student during my school”, but my college encouraged me towards gold medalist.

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About This Show:

Two groups will be made and debated towards the current topic. Special  guests will be invited to know how they look the topic in their own point of view. The success of the show is on the main hand of their extraordinary Host “GOPINATH”.

At the Startup of the program Gopinath introduce himself with a warm welcome and greet the audience. Next Gopinath gives a few descriptions about the Topic of the day – What the topic is about, why the topic was taken into discussion, How it is related to the show with various opinion to be received from the participation’s.

Neeya Nanna motive:

The team of Neeya Nanna motive is to have a deep look and analysis over current trends and scenarios in and around them and identify people interest and then decide up with a topic for their program since they feel only interesting current hot topics can make the audience to sit in front of the show till the end of the program. they select the topics by giving values to the people of Tamil Nadu. Moreover they get Title for their topic in daily life situation from various places where they move

About Neeya Nanna:

Neeya Nanna –as a talk show plays an excellent role for discussing topics that viewers might not  be exposed to.

These kind of talk shows are an invention of twentieth century broadcasting. It takes a very old form of communication, conversation, and transforms it into a low cost but highly popular form of information and entertainment through the institutions, practices and technologies of television.

Different kinds of television talk occur at different times of the broadcast day to day, but much of this talk occurs outside the confines of what audiences and critics have come to know as the “talk show.” Major talk traditions have developed around news, entertainment, and a variety of social encounters that have been re framed and adapted for television.

By adopting such ideas of talk show, Neeya Nanna performs the best in  delivering the points clearly to the audience and take some initial steps to bring the social problems and stage to recover it.


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