Neeya Naana Dowry Episode Part 2 – Viral Video

Neeya Naana Dowry Episode Part 2 – Viral Video:

The concept of this particular show on the specific topic is to bring a clear vision on how do young women demand dowry from their parents at the time of their marriage.

It has drawn everybody’s attention it’s because of “NOT FAMILIES OF THE GROOM, BUT THE BRIDE ASKING DOWRY HERSELF”.It has shown the young women greediness to acquire everything from their parents.

For almost 2 weeks this has been a hectic topic in our social networks. controversies Raised how could those girls  be such selfish.

Now NEEYA NANNA team is in a responsibility to make a reason for such a topic on a show.They have made clear in this part 2,that what’s the need for that topic to be raised.

As  Dowry system is still profoundly making it’s presence between us even though it has been made illegal , even though deep within everyone knows it’s immoral , even though it has cursed all of us directly or indirectly .

The Host of this show “Gopinath” makes the sense of ,why this part has been held.Debate was conducted between  some  of  those girls who participated early in part 1 and with people who supported this and have been against those controversies.

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About Neeya Nanna:

Neeya Nanna –as a talk show plays an excellent role for discussing topics that viewers might not  be exposed to.

These kind of talk shows are an invention of twentieth century broadcasting. It takes a very old form of communication, conversation, and transforms it into a low cost but highly popular form of information and entertainment through the institutions, practices and technologies of television.

Different kinds of television talk occur at different times of the broadcast day to day, but much of this talk occurs outside the confines of what audiences and critics have come to know as the “talk show.” Major talk traditions have developed around news, entertainment, and a variety of social encounters that have been re framed and adapted for television.

By adopting such ideas of talk show, Neeya Nanna performs the best in  delivering the points clearly to the audience and take some initial steps to bring the social problems and stage to recover it.


About Neeya Nanna Host:

This show is not only known for ideas and views, and mainly for the famous host-Gopinath.

And As everybody knew, he is called as Neeya Nanna-Gopinath.

Earlier, he was ‘Makkal Yaar Pakkam’ Gopi and was subsequently identified with ‘Sigaram Thotta Manithargal’. Now it is ‘Neeya Naana’ and ‘Nadanthathu Enna’.

These are the shows which is hosted and conducted by Gopinath.

Gopi’s knowledge on current affairs is exemplary. He is Fluent in both Tamil and English.

The way he pronounce the words make us feel the clarity and justice in every line he speaks.

He succeeded as a television anchor, and now he is now simultaneously focusing on helping students to improve their communication skills.

Gopi Started ‘Talk Shop Academy of Communication’ to touch with educational institutions to enter into a memorandum of understanding.  And develop syllabus and also provide all technical support including guest speakers to address the students to equip them better.


 About Vijay Tv:

Vijay Tv-made a drastic growth among other channels in the list.

This is because of their quality in every program they produce. They create a brand in every program they conduct.

They proved that television is a bigger step to enter into cine  industry, by revealing the talents from ordinary people.Peoples like Shiva Karthikeyan, Robo Shankar, Sandhanam are the brand ambassadors of Vijay tv.

The most famous shows in vijay tv are Airtel super singer all the seasons, Jodi no 1 all the seasons.Likewise there are many other programs that attracts the audience towards vijay tv.



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